The TowersGil has offices in downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas for your convenience.  Gil has completed extensive training in mediation, has been chosen by counsel and their clients to mediate many cases, and has been appointed as mediator by judges in numerous cases.  Gil has also been appointed as an ad litem by various judges.

Gil has successfully mediated many cases involving business disputes, commercial litigation matters, personal injury claims, property rights claims, professional negligence claims, and patent disputes, has successfully represented hundreds of litigants on both sides of the docket, and continues to try cases on both sides of the docket in a variety of cases.

Mediation Rates are as follows for The Law Office of Gil L. Daley, II, P.C.:

  • Full Day: $1000 per party
  • Half Day: $500 per party
  • Two Hour: $250 per party
  • Additional Time: $200 per hour per party